Fabian Albertini is an italian photographer born in Montecchio Emilia, Italy in 1965.

She is a fine art photographer, lately working with photography and installations, experimenting new materials in order to establish a visual dialogue with the photography in its deeper meaning.

Fabian completed different workshop with photographers as Frank Horvat, Fabrizio Ferri, Mario De Biasi and Duane Michals.

Throughout the years she worked as assistant with masters like Oliviero Toscani, Jean Baptiste Mondino, Francesco Scavullo e Gian Paolo Barbieri. She has had solo shows in Europe, South America and Asia, between the most important for the Biennale FOTORIO2015, Rio Arte Corpo Movimento in 2015 Rio de Janeiro, Ama+zônia-Corpos da Natureza, FOTORIO Biennale di Fotografia, Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Corpi,Kulay-Diwa, in 2011 Philippines, Eye, Théâtre Le Châtelet, Paris, france 2008, Eye Teatro degli Arciboldi Milan, Italy 2007. She exhibited her work in solo shows in several galleries throughtout Europe and South America.

During the 2011 Fabian presented her project Ama+zônia, for the 54th Venice Biennale Arsenale, Padiglione Italia “Lo stato dell'Arte nel 150th dell'Unita' d'Italia” curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Venice, Italy. Between her pubblications the most important are The Documentary, Italy 2000 and Ama+zônia, Brazil 2011with the poems of Marcia Theophilo. Fabian Albertini won several prizes and awards like the prize “Un Bosco per Kyoto 2010” with the book Ama+zônia, under the patronage of the President of the Italian Republic in Rome.

The artist is working nowadays on several projects between Europe and South America. Bianco Deserto, Seguindo uma linha and South Africa are the newest ones and not yet published ever before. In this projects the artists is experimenting, starting from her photography, the use of unusual and different materials, using them to cross the borders or the printed images in order to explore new visual renderings and expand the concept of time, space, light reflections and textures of the different materials.

Fabian Albertini currently lives and works between Milan and Rio de Janeiro.