Fabian Albertini has dedicated her life to photography and she is now approaching a new perspective choosing to explore a new bend located between her special use of the camera, painting interventions and art installation, experimenting new techniques and media. Looking for a multidimensional rendering, she matches photography and different materials creating artworks characterized by a special fascination. In her latest works the artist is locating an alternate visual depiction by crossing the borders of the printed photography. In the serie BIANCO DESERTO, her achievement to remeld herself with the nature is setting her approach free to compare different media while producing her serie of works. Through the depth of field and by observing the space, she aims to get closer to a deeper encounter between content and meaning. The result is a liric poem of landscapes enriched by the use of material such as concrete converted as a new tool to explore the different texture of an object. Fabian is actually creating a new bi-dimensional rendering of her works.

While constantly representing mesmerized parameters of the natural scenery, she is not outlining the boundaries anymore. The photographer is leading the spectator to grasp a deeper bond with the content, focusing on the oscillations of the forms. The shutter opens and starts the capture of images translating the light, the shadows and the shapes with a wider and strong perspective. In this serie every detail represent a turning page which is leading the viewer to observe an hypnotic landscape, coherent and smooth in terms of form, enriched in terms of reasearch about depth and content. This meaningful research led the artist -perceiving herself as a pioneer- to a deeper consciousness of her work. Going back to the use of the white as achromatic non-colour, she craves to reach a sheer rendering, above and behind our reality perceived -for the artist- as currently overloaded by visual informations, images and colours. Extinguishing the use of colours, getting back to the purest variations of the light and to a mono/non- chromatic choice, Fabian aims to grasp the visual borders between photography and painting. Crossing them and developing them at the same moment.

By using material as concrete, while working in post production on her photography, she is unraveling the internal borders between two media, discovering a multifarious portrayal of her landscapes. Her research about light and shadows delivers her mesmerized sight to capture the shapes and the perspectives, evaluating sorroundings, forms and panoramas. Fabian translates
for the viewer a poetic dimensions in a time lapse portraiture of the scenarios. The evocative result is delicate as much as powerful, a renewed beauty translated in an awe-inspiring sight. In her research she is emerging as exegete of a deeper perspective, of a precise sight which is about atmospheres, visual contrasts and poetry. The artist is the aware witness of light, space and meaning. In her production she is representing a cross-talk between evident and intangible. As suspended in an alternate state of perception the details she is choosing to depict are getting the main role representing a wider and delicate interpretation of phenomena, conveying the awe of the moment.

BIANCO DESERTO(DESERT WHITE) is the main project which represents the latest research of Fabian: her new approach to photography and to the different materials she is using in post production. Sensing our surrounding as an unescapable and invasive jungle of concrete, the artist aims to re-evaluate the material. The concrete is turning into a new media, a tool, a colour which is an enrichment to the visual value as well as the conceptual strenght of the serie.

For the project SEGUENDO UNA LINEA (FOLLOWING A LINE) Fabian Albertini is working on the contrast. The projections and the different perspectives of the landscapes are now, here, establishing a dialogue based on the shapes and on the borders. A bet on the conversation between photography and geometrical elements. The line such a boundary / not boundary is representing the balance of the photography installation. A band of steel, blue coloured, is the new intriguing result of the research of the artist. The viewer is now entitled to choose his level of consideration about the new key element: as a border, as a conversational window, as a path which is leading the sight over the borders. The blue well known as blue Klein (Yves Klein) is a powerful reference as the heritage of artistic influences interacting with a new concept of the space.

As observing a printed silk fabric, the colour black is playing the main role in SOUTH AFRICA serie of photographies. The two selected works are the strongest of a sequence as the tangible proof of the talent of the artist. The rendering of the colour black and the depiction of every detail are creating a contrast which is (re-)evaluating the perception and the shapes. Fabian creates again a game of contrasts with her deep knowledge about the use of the camera and the artistic research.

Chiara Valci Mazzara
Curator – Art Advisor