The Awakening

We are living like robots, mechanically used to deal with our surroundings, focused on our own problems, ‘running’ to survive. We’ve got no rest, trying to achieve what’s barely enough to survive. Over the years we are loosing the capability to smile, the wrinkles are appearing next to more worries and physical troubles are affecting our bodies…

The goal of this research is to investigate about ourselves, deep inside, about our inner self. It’s meant to be like a journey the artist is leading observing the viewer through a mirror. Each art work and the background behind it are inviting the spectator to look into his or herself, living the present moment and start a dialogue about the existence, about the BEING.

We are all energy, we’re part of the universe each one of us bound up with the other.
Usually a mirror is a media meant to reflect an image, but not necessarily the image of our selves. Here the artist is requiring to the viewer a self questioning about our inner nature rather than an aesthetic result.

We must think about the present moment we’re into.