Seguindo uma linha

This body of works suggests a research which is taking place between conscious and sub-conscious, standing in-between the present and the past. In here are revealed mixed feelings between a certain kind of melancholy and atmospheres about the future of our being.

The perception of limitless landscapes, unraveled horizons is here bounding with the idea of the line, one boundary as a path to don’t get lost.
The line represents a hidden but at the same time clear spot to start to investigate the borders between space and time. The image acquires a new perspective by representing some kind of strenght. The view is continuously twisted in a game of upside down landscapes led by changes of focal points. Looking inside and outside.

Seguindo uma linha depicts an imaginary world, empty, characterized by horizons, an alternate state of mind and view placed next to real life perceptions. Going beyond the steady photography image, new media and forms, lines, totem, digital drawings, installations and sculpture are added to the visual rendering in order to enrich a new perspective.

By captivating and involving the viewer, the research is focused on leading the public to think over, relocating deeper than the simple observation of the art work…questioning the normal perception.
The line locates itself sometimes harmoniously sometimes creating a break, awakening questions and an alternate state of mind.

Fabian Albertini