Wall Everywhere
There are walls everywhere, we’re prisoners as kids and as adults, isolated in our own apartments, smaller and smaller, we’ve armored front doors, high walls, fences, but actually we’ve been always trapped and blind.
Back in time, the walls they have been created to protect the fiefs, the cities, massive walls as the Chinese wall or as the Berlin wall, building up sharp divisions between the populations and affecting lots and chances, changing our history, disturbing our development and growth or protecting a culture..depending on the point of view..
Whole parts of populations have been isolated and kicked out of the city as in Capetown or San Paolo, the war all over the world is destroying whole cities -re-builded afterwards – and countries,  genocides toke place as in Ruanda..and nowadays the country thrives. Our reality is characterized by huge migrations as in India, the construction of walls all around and dykes, whole populations are displaced from their territory. Our times are the times of the refugees escaping to Europe, people isolated and fenced in camps..creating other walls, visible and not.
My research is starting from the changing state of the borders, of the thoughts and of our reality as we perceived it. Everything is moving and transforming itself: sometimes a wall is keeping unchanged the way the things they stand, seems like a wall could protect..but it’s just an illusion, most of the times..
The impermanence comes, t’s part of life, of our history, of the growth process and of the changing process we’re all involved in.
Nothing stays the same, everything is changing: the people, the boundaries, the borders, the tendencies, the ideas.
South Africa – Wall Everywhere, starts from a thought , from the weight of any referred thought about the walls, ideal walls and material ones. From this approach the choice of materials i felt i needed to choose: steal, iron, bricks and transforms itself in drawing..
My research stands as an answer to the modern anxiety perceived around us wearing many faces, the lack of public and political figures able to deliver an idea of security, the chaos of a world led by economical interests and by a general apathy, by the incapability to see and set our selves free from many conditions they’re affecting us. Is left only the will to blame and complain, we’re observing everything through a window as it is not our surrounding but as it belongs to somebody else. Solutions are existing but no one is willing to search and follow them. We’re surrounded by walls of indifference and apathy. The walls are not protecting, the walls are not solving any issue. We are living in fear, and we’re better controlled by that.
A wall to divide Mexico or to protect U.S.A? The walls and fences in the Favelas in Brasil are ment to protect the nature and to protect the people from an un-controlled  building construction? (as the destruction of the Mata Atlantica) or to create a dividing line between rich and poor? An invisible wall is still existing…inside us..

Fabian Albertini